About Us

The story begins in 1980 with Efren Alvarez Senior and his son Efren Junior, selling tasty tacos de cabeza in a small town in Michoacan, called Atapaneo. With his dad retired, Efren Junior continued the family tradition to sell his food with the guidance and recipes his dad passed onto him at the young age of 12. Being the oldest of 11 siblings, Efren Jr. started his business with a steam stove in his town’s plaza. After time and with a lot of hard work, he was able to buy a taco cart and expand his business to local concerts and parties. When he was still very young, Efren immigrated to the United States, and worked in the grape and strawberry fields for many years, but he never gave up on his dream to sell his delicious tacos once again. On October of 2008, Efren decided to open a small business in 1720 Beach St. in Oceano, offering only takeout due to the small space of his new business. He started off by selling only tacos de cabeza and his famous Michoacan carnitas, made daily with cuerito and buche, paired with a spicy salsa. But thanks to your preference, Efren’s Mexican Restaurant has expanded to be a family restaurant, very roomy and with a really assorted menu, with more than 50 dishes. One of them being their delicious traditional Michoacán Corundas, wrapped in corn leafs and served with pork ribs in red salsa. They also offer you their tasty homemade enchiladas. In 2014, Efren invites his brother Misael to join forces and open a new branch at 1625 South Blosser Rd. in Santa Maria, always thinking about their customers first, to offer their authentic Mexican food to the Santa Barbara County, and everything is going excellent here and in Oceano, thanks to the customers for their preference. Very soon, the brothers will open yet another branch at 1285 Laurel Lane in San Luis Obispo. Thanks are in order to the property owner for believing in Efren and Misael to offer their authentic Mexican food in the San Luis Obispo area.

Efren’s Mexican Restaurants are well known for their typical, traditional Michoacán dishes, like the famous CORUNDAS, prepared with a special masa, wrapped in corn leafs and served with pork ribs and delicious red salsa, cheese and sour cream.

Something that distinguishes Efren’s Mexican Restaurant from the rest is their traditional homemade red enchiladas prepared with guajillo chile, vegetables and your choice of meat.

Efren’s Mexican Restaurants are family restaurants thanks to the hard work of the owners, wives, brothers and sisters and everyone who has collaborated to satisfy their customers.